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I love teaching writing it is so much FUN to hear what kids can come up with! On the other hand, there are always students that get STUCK with “writer’s block” and without fail aren’t ever able to come up with ANYTHING to write about! Soo in order to overcome this hurdle, I came up with this: Help! I feel stuck What can I write about?  I very carefully chose the wording “I FEEL STUCK” because I think it’s easy for students to say they ARE STUCK and are not able to get past it. However, I tell my students if you’re FEELING stuck, it’s ok to feel that way and here is one strategy to help. 

    It’s a simple chart that I post at my writing center in my classroom and in student’s writing folders for free write! I also created mini posters for kids that need just a few choices at a time. For some of my firsties, a whole chart was too overwhelming at once! Feel free to hop on over to my TpT store and download a free copy for your classroom! I hope it can be helpful to you! Feel  free to link up and share other posts about other strategies you use with your kids during writing! Don’t forget to follow along for more freebies and new ideas for your classroom!

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