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My Classroom

   I remember playing school in my basement like it was YESTERDAY my poor siblings and dolls that were subject to my teaching. My mom, the saintly woman that she was (and still is), desperately searched to find me an old overhead projector (REMEMBER THOSE?!?) to play with. But her efforts was fruitless, so I had to settle for the old blackboard and chalk and square carpet samples from the local rug shop! J

  Like most primary school teachers I LOVE bright colors and teaching READING! So as you can imagine, decorating my classroom reflects that! Kids work in collaborative groups (1st grade at tables and 2nd grade at desks if you see some pictures with desks and others with tables, that’s why!) I work with a diverse group of learners some kids sit on yoga balls to help “get their wiggles out” and others sit on chairs. while some work best with clipboards on the floor!

I love teaching reading more than anything! And we don’t even seem to have enough storage room especially teaching two grade levels so a couple years ago my summer project was making these! They hold Reading A-Z printed books and serve as comfy chairs! (My sweet Sammie-girl is in the picture too J) The kids LOVE them! I can’t take credit for the idea.. found it on pinterest!

Our class pets are Freddie, Goldie and Mr. Clean  the fish tank has it’s clean days and it’s dirty days I also have a LEVELED LIBRARY and individual book bins. I won’t get on my soap box now about it but more to come later! (This leveled library was actually organized by my LTSdon’t they look so neat with the alternating colors?! She’s AMAZING!)

And of course, what classroom wouldn’t be complete without a robot?! New forms of distance learning coming your way! Oh and have a computer station too I was able to write a grant a few years ago and get a couple extra laptops for my students to use! We are very blessed to have so many great resources in our school! J More to come later, thanks for stopping by! 


  1. I love that you use crate seats for your small group table. I am trying to implement them in my classroom as well. Thanks so much for linking up!

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