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Alphabet Mini Posters Freebie

 Learning the alphabet in kindergarten can sometimes be little tricky! A student of mine knows every letter sound, but when it comes to remembering the letter names... he gets stuck

 So I decided to take a different approach. I created alphabet mini posters and printed them out on card stock. We spread them out on the floor and he had to put them in a "train." We would sing the alphabet song each time we went back to the drawing board. 


Each mini-poster had a correlating picture to help him if he was stuck on the letter name. 

After he found the correct card, he would put it in our train. We started the activity by having him walk along side each letter, saying (or often singing) them in order as he went. 

We decided to make it even more fun... as he progressed down the alphabet we needed to keep things interesting! He thought it would be clever to hop backwards (so that he could look at the letters straight on) and sing his alphabet song as he went! So cute! 

Little boys are so funny, aren't they? He got a kick out of it.. and guess what? After singing the alphabet song 26 times (or more)... he was doing pretty well with letter name recognition!!

To wrap up, I wanted integrate a little bit of math for him. He's almost mastered counting to 100 and we have been working on using ten-frames to add and subtract! So, we organized the alphabet cards into "tens-frames" and figured out how many letters were in the alphabet. 

We labeled each row, counting by fives. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25... plus one more left over gave us 26! 

If you'd like a free copy of these alphabet mini posters, click on the image at the top to download them! Note: I printed these cards as "booklets" so that they'd print two to a page and come out a little smaller! :) Please use whichever size would be best for your students! Happy teaching!

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